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Scenes from Gam Saan:

Dr. Yee Fung Cheung leaves China to Join the California Gold Rush
Christopher Lowman, historical archeologist; Otak Jump, teacher – writer/director; Gerry Low-Sabado, descendant of Quock Mui; Sue Correll, parent – researcher/producer — Thanks to Palo Alto Partners in Education for a grant to create this play
Dr. Yee Fung Cheung cures Mrs. Leland Stanford with traditional herbs
Quock Mui, the first Chinese woman born in California, spoke five languages
The Supreme Court of California ruled that public education must be available for all children, including Mamie Tape
The famous Bing cherry was named after Ah Bing. He was not able to return to the US by the Chinese Exclusion Act
The play was inspired by archeological work on the Chinese fishing village in Monterey