Each cluster has developed simulations over the years and works on them together, often mixing students from different classes. Some simulations are more like projects; some are like theatre. All involve significant amounts of teachers planning together and students engaging the material over several months. The actual simulations are the culmination of the unit.

Sample Simulations

a. K-1

i.Farm unit

ii. Penguin unit

b. 2-3

i.Palo Alto school 100 years ago

ii. Ohlone Indians

c. 4-5

i.Gold Rush

ii. Colonial Period (1600 – 1776)

Here are some videos and slideshows highlighting examples of these simulations, over the years, at Ohlone:

Colonial Simulation: Life Long Learners. Senior project by Ohlone alum Jack Brook, PALY HS grad (now a professional journalist)
2010 Colonial Simulation – Parent video of the 2010 Ohlone Colonial Simulation

Parent-made video of the 2013 Ohlone Gold Rush
2014 Ohlone Colonial Simulation